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*Cited with permission from the clients

I am also so thankful, even though we did not know you, you made us feel just like you were a part of our family and helped us say goodbye to our sweet Miley in our home. Even though your job is not easy you do it with compassion and respect .

Thank you for being there in our time of need.

- Jim (owner of Miley)​

And thank you for being so caring... you made it much easier. - Pat (owner of Lance)​

Thank you for your service. This was much more kinder for our loved pet than taking her to the vet. Your kindness was much appreciated.

- Mike (owner of Raven, picture shown with permission from the owner)

Thanks so much Dr Jason. You were awesome!!!!...You have excellent bedside manners.

- Vicki (owner of Buster)

You've been great and I appreciate you making this tough day a little bit easier. 

- Trae (owner of Buck) 

You were very patient and was nicer than feeling rushed at an office.

- Tina (owner of Cookie)

The home vet  who euthanized him was wonderful, and you should refer him to anyone seeking similar services - kind, caring, and compassionate.

- Pam (owner of Ziggy), in an email to a vet hospital 

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